Sugar in Diet

Added sugar is something to watch out for when consuming processed food, according to the American Heart Association. 

According to the group, men should not consume more than 150 calories per day from added sugar (a can of soda contains 33 grams of sugar, about 130 calories).

To check for added sugar in processed foods, look for ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, molasses or evaporated cane juice on the label.

Here are some of the sneeky foods that contain lots of added sugar:
  • Baked beans - A one-cup serving of canned baked beans with no salt added has nearly 15 grams of added sugar.
  • Ketchup - a single one cup serving of the condiment has nearly 40 grams of added sugar.
  • BBQ sauce - a one-cup serving adds 9 grams of added sugar onto those ribs and chicken.
  • "Reduced" salad dressings - A one-cup serving of reduced-calorie French dressing heaps 58 grams of added sugar, and a one-cup serving of reduced-fat coleslaw dressing gets you 103 grams of added sugar.
  • Lemonade - a cup of lemonade powder has a massive 200 grams of added sugar. A single serving of the drink has almost 17 grams of added sugar.
I am trying to reduce my consumption of sodas lately, even the zero-calorie ones, as well as my consumption of liquid calories when eating out, such as iced teas.

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